Terms and FAQs

If order has been placed online and you did not receive a call from us within 24 hours, please call our hotline at 9151 9222 to verify.

Opening Hours: Eves, Public Holiday, Friday to Sunday 9am to 4pm (Last Self Collection will be 3.30pm)  Closed on Monday to Thursday. Self collection at our factory can be arranged from Monday to Saturday from 09:00am to 05:00pm.

1. How many days in advance must I place my order if I require delivery service?
a. Peak period such as Public Holiday, Eve of Public Holidays , Friday , Saturday and Sunday will be 3 days in advance by online.
b. Non -Peak periods will require 2 days in advance for online orders.
c. We do not accept any booking via phone.

2. Is there any miniumum Order and Delivery Schedule?
a. Normal standard delivery service charge will at a flat fee of $20.00. Time of delivery will be  between 11.00am - 6.00pm at our driver's convenient.
b. An additional $10.00 delivery levy will be incurred for orders below $50.00
c. Delivery with specific timing will be charge at a flat fee of $35.00 per trip.
d. Delivery charges for order exceeding $250.00 will be waived off
e. We provide island-wide delivery services except for all offshore islands except Sentosa

3. What if I am not at the appointed location when the delivery is made?
Due to our tight delivery schedule, the driver may not be able to wait for you. Hence, your slot will be pushed to the last timing, which is usually very late or out of the pre-arranged time.

4. Will the delivery be send to my door step?
Yes, but we only provide such services for specific timing delivery. As for Standard Delivery, we will only deliver to the nearest car park or loading bay. Hence you are to meet the driver there to receive the deliver.

5. What are the modes of payment available?
We provide Cash for self collect and VISA, MASTER , PAYPAL or DBS/POSB Bank Transfer for online order.

6. What should I do if I don’t have a Credit card or paypal?
You can go to the nearest POSB/ DBS ATM to do a Bank Transfer or

bring along your printed invoice to our factory via 15 Jalan Tepong #04-01, Jurong Food Hub
Singapore 619336 .

Please make payment at least 2 days before your actual event.

7)  How do i make a bank transfer?

a)  Select any POSB/ DBS ATM machine ( Please ensure the machine can issue receipt)
b)  Insert your ATM card & key in your pin
c)  Select:  Other Transaction
d)  Select:  Fund Transfer
e)  Transfer from which account (Select your own account type)
f)   To which account - Select : Other DBS group account
g)  Key in BBQ FACTORY DBS CURRENT account number (XXXX), follow by amount
h)  Confirm the transaction and take the receipt.
i)   SMS the bank transaction number, amount and your name to 9151 9222                     
j)   Once your payment has been verified, we will return you a confirmation SMS.


8. When is the date that I am allow to postpone or cancel order?
Order cancellation / postpone must be done at least 3 days prior to delivery via phone call. But please kindly take note that there will a 50% admin charges for cancelled order.

9. Can I keep the unfinished food for the next day?
We strongly recommend that you should have finish the food within the same day to retain the freshness of the product. Our food does not contain any preservative and hence, it is not advisable to refreeze thawed food.

If the situation does not allow you to finish all the food, do take out the amount of food that , you need and store the balance into the fridge- chiller compartment( about 0 to 5'c ) you must ensure that upon receiving your food. It is not advisable to keep unfinished raw food into the chiller.

10. Can I walk in and buy off the shelves?
As we are facing a man power shortage, buying off shelve will be unavailable till further notice. However, you may want to make appointment with our staff to FACTORY @  JALAN TEPONG to self pick up the items you select via online order.

11. Will the cooked food remains warm during delivery?
We need to cool the cooked foods before they can be packaged and sealed. This is done to prevent the hot of moisture from affecting the quality of the foods when during packed.
At the moment, we do not provide warmer services.
Foods received by customers will be at room temperature.
But as cooked foods are packed in containers that are suitable for the microwave, food can be reheat.
Food that have 50 pax or above will be packed in aluminum foil that can be reheated.
Cooked foods are best to be consumed within the time indicated on the sticker on the food cover after they are received.

12. I have a party but i do have a  budget, can I request for a tailor made package that meet my needs?
You may want to visit our package menu for your selection. But if that does not meet your budget, you may want to contact us for further tailor package.

13. Are you a halal certified company?

No we are not halal.

14. Is it possible for me to order cooked food only?
No, we do not encourage our customer to order only cooked food. As our main core business is BBQ food, we seek customer understanding to order our BBQ food as well. We reserved the rights to reject any order that ONLY have cooked food. Cancellation fee applied

15. Do  you provide BBQ assistance services & rental of BBQ PIT?
Yes we do, you may want to visit our other services section for more information.

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